Uprooting Exhibition Officially Opened at Yasser Arafat Museum
11 Jul 18

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The special exhibition, "Uprooting", officially opened Sunday, the 8th of July 2018, in Exhibition Hall at Yasser Arafat Museum. Numerous prominent Palestinians and members of the international media attended the opening. 

"Uprooting" features portraits, videos, historical information and statistical data about the uprooting of Palestinians during Al-Nakba.  A collection of maps shows the locations from and to where the Palestine refugees fled and the refugee camps that resulted from Al-Nakba.  United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine records are also displayed, with detailed information on Arab land ownership. Frozen Steps, an installation in mixed media created by Palestinian artist Ibrahim Mozzain, depicts the steps of Palestine refugees in 1948, when the Jewish paramilitary organizations that later formed the Israeli army uprooted 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands.

Since its inauguration in November 2016, Yasser Arafat Museum has presented special exhibitions that remain on display for six months.  Exhibitions to date include:
Our Homeland is Our Homeland, December, 2016; Intifada, July 2017; and Poster, January 2018.
"Uprooting" is the Museum’s fourth exhibition and will remain on view to the public through the 15th of December 2018.